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Becoming fully devoted followers of Christ



We are an inter-denominational, conservative, evangelical Bible Church.

The Bible

THE BIBLE is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible word of God and should be studied daily.

The Trinity

THE TRINITY is God existing as: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, separate in character but one in essence.

The Local Church

THE LOCAL CHURCH is the body of Christ on earth and exists to continue the ministry that Jesus started.

The Holy Spirit

THE HOLY SPIRIT is God, and He is in all Christians. It is each Christian’s responsibility to be filled with and led by the Spirit.


The only way to be saved from Hell and go to Heaven is to personally accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Eternal Security of the Believer

Because God gives us eternal life through Jesus Christ, the true believer is secure in that salvation for eternity. If you have been genuinely saved, you cannot ‘lose’ it.

Personal Responsibility

Every Christian should lead people to Jesus, show them how to live a Christian life, and help them any way he or she can.


TITHING is each Christian’s responsibility to give at least 10% of their income to the local church.

Born Again

A person is born again when they personally accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


SIN is anything we do that is against the word of God as written in the Holy Bible.


BAPTISM is immersing a willing Christian under water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is an act of obedience that identifies a person with Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Gifts

SPIRITUAL GIFTS are powers and abilities the Holy Spirit gives whenever, wherever, and to whomever He wants. These gifts will always glorify Jesus and build up the church. We let the Spirit be in charge of His gifts. Concerning tongues, like all spiritual gifts, we avoid an “all must or none can” approach.

Angels and Demons

ANGELS AND DEMONS are spiritual beings who work to carry out the purposes of God and Satan.


We support missionaries and mission organizations on five of the seven continents. Our main support goes to church planting missionaries and organizations.

Divorce and Remarriage

We do not counsel or encourage divorce, nor do we make second class Christians out of those who have been through a divorce or are remarried.


We are pro-life and take an active stand against those who promote or support abortion. We show mercy and kindness to those who have had an abortion.


We encourage our members to educate themselves, vote, attend meetings, and get involved in government at all levels.

Praise and Worship

PRAISE AND WORSHIP is an expression of how we feel about God. Our worship services offer a variety of musical styles and lyrics; we encourage everyone to sing to the Lord and praise Him.

Church Membership

Church Membership is a commitment between a Christian and a local church who agree to support and encourage one another in life and ministry.

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Service Times

Sundays at 10:30am