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Life Groups

Growing in Christ also means growing in fellowship with each other. Fellowship in LifeGroups at CBCNW is how we grow in Christ. We offer groups during the week and weekends at various times and locations. Come join us in a LifeGroup and see God work in you and in others.

Here are some of the Adult LifeGroups currently meeting at or near CBC Northwest:

Monday 7pm (Coed) Book of Habakkuk / Offsite
Tee and Shirley Thompson
wthomp.tx@sbcglobal.net ; 210.325.5223

Tuesday 6:30pm (Ladies) / Solutions – Changes that Heal / CBCNW
Bettina Young and Ginger Johnson
bettyoung1978@hotmail.com ; 210.771.3266
004gingerjohnson@gmail.com ; 210.275.7399

Tuesday 6:30pm (Coed) Grace to Overcome / CBCNW
Kathy and Lacey LeMaster
want2know7@yahoo.com ; 210.473.3142

Wednesday 6:30pm (Ladies) Jonah by Priscilla Shirer / CBCNW
Abigail Palomo
abipalomo5@gmail.com ; 210.219.1384

Wednesday 7pm (Men) 1 and 2 Peter / CBCNW
Jose Zuniga and Mark Florence
jz021373@hotmail.com ; 210.663.2050
copazetic@sbcglobal.net ; 210.519.7700

Thursday 8:30am (Men / Retired Men) / Book of Daniel / CBCNW
Dick Clarke
rjclarke2@gmail.com ; 210.831.9977

Thursday 6:30pm (Coed) Daniel / CBCNW
Jerry and Irene Cook
icook@cbcnorthwest.com ; 210.213.2738

Thursday 7pm (Coed) / Essential Beliefs / CBCNW
Dick Clarke
rjclarke2@gmail.com ; 210.831.9977

Thursday 9:30am or 7pm (Ladies) Embracing Our Role as Warrior Brides / Offsite
Joani McClintock
yogamama19@gmail.com ; 559.313.3657

1st and 3rd Friday (Men) Prayer, Brothers and Jesus (PB&J) / Offsite
Adam Ramirez
adam_ram@sbcglobal.net ; 210.859.2249

Single Parents / Various Days / Offsite
Latrice Ingram
ingram.latrice@gmail.com ; 210.237.9143

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